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We are The Agentsy

Leading and advanced BPO contact centre providing outsourcing and offshoring services for companies from the UK, USA, Europe & Australia.
Think Customer Support, Tech Support, Sales, Lead Generation, Accounting & more.
Services are offered in English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian and more.


By investing in our people, we endeavour to be one of the top
BPO companies. By understanding our client’s business objectives we will achieve insurmountable success. We foresee a ripple effect that inspires youth globally and advances our client’s business outcomes all whilst building a better life for all.


To make a considerable impact on our clients’ businesses as
well as the lives of our staff.

Philosophy & Culture

Performance, Progress but People first. This is the philosophy at Agentsy BPO.

Ask any of our staff and they’ll confirm it is palpable in our environment, in the way we deal with each other and in everything we do.

We believe it facilitates engagement, boosts productivity and increases staff retention. There is no doubt that the facilitation of a happy, positive environment and culture plays a massive role in this, so we take the implementation of this concept very seriously.


“We have a slightly dysfunctional family, but I wouldn’t want it any other

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Our 3 P's


At Agentsy BPO, our core focus is our people. We understand that without them we are unable to satisfy our clients and their mandates. We are not only passionate about their progression but want them to enjoy what they do.


One thing that is consistent at Agentsy BPO is our unwavering attitude towards performance. Objectives being met is one of our main priorities and thus we are always in a state of evaluation.


Our operations hinge on innovative and efficient processes and are supported by the most up-to-date technology available in the marketplace. As a result, we are constantly being exposed to novel ways of doing things and rely on both our processes and that of our clients.  

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